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About our Journey 

After working as a performer in the industry for years, I identified a need for better mental health and organisational practices for performers; thus, I began creating digital journals for GCSE Performing arts students to help them practice and prepare for drama school and being a full-time performer in 2018.


March 2020, when the Covid 19 Global lockdown happened, I found myself, like many others, without work and support, and unfortunately, I had just gotten injured.


It was one of my lowest points, and the strain of living alone and far from family who could physically and emotionally support me was a real struggle.

I was reminded of the journals I used to write. By the time of the Lockdown I was almost 18 months into a contract, and because of my busy schedule, I had lost the rhythm of scheduling and self-care; I was in survival mode and wanted to quit the industry.


I decided to create a 30-day plan for myself. A plan to help me rehabilitate my body, reignite my passion for performing and organise my life.

If I said I lived happily ever after my master plan, I would be lying.

It didn't miraculously fix my life, but I definitely began seeing improvement in my technique; I felt better about myself because I better organised my time, I would wake up curious- sometimes even excited about the day and ultimately, I felt more confident in myself. That meant everything to me.

I began reflecting on my time in shows and how many other performers I knew struggled with organisation. As Lockdown progressed and many conversations around mental health in the performing arts came out I began peaking to others about their experiences and realised-

I could help my peers.


After years of development, I am so excited about these books. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a crisis in the performing arts, and we need to do something about it. The competitive demands of the job, unsociable working hours and toxic and unsupportive audition and backstage working environments really do take their toll, and performers deserve better,


My intention is to empower aspiring and professional performers to elevate their lives through written and spoken words by providing a physical space in the form of books, for them to sort through their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and fears on life, love, and their career. It is my hope that through the tools of journalling, self-care practices, affirmations and scheduling, these books serve to support performers in having successful careers, a better life-work balance, and the resilience, confidence and real-life tools they need to succeed in the now, and for the future generations to come.

Sophia Mackay x

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