About the Author

Sophia founded St.Thomas Mackay Books in the middle of the COVID-19 global crisis of 2020. Her goal is to empower people to elevate their lives through written and spoken words by providing a physical space in the form of books; for people to sort through and elevate their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and fears on life, love, and career. Originally a musical theatre performer and CEO of Zaiah Arts; Sophia used the practices she writes about to help her move from her humble beginnings- being raised in the countryside of Barbados, to performing in some of the biggest shows in Musical Theatre history and running a successful brand. Her passion for wellbeing and determination for excellence has driven her from the beginning and continues to drive her into the future.  She aims to empower people to dream bigger, go further and love harder as you will see from our new release! Get inspired! Check them out for yourself!





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