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  • Sophia Mackay

Audition Success: Boost Your Confidence with Affirmations!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Got an audition coming up? Feeling nervous? Do you get in your head when you get in the room?
Whether you're an actor, singer, dancer, or any other type of performer, this post is packed with helpful advice to help you prepare mentally and perform with confidence at your next audition. Here are some affirmations to help centre you and remind you of the extraordinary human that you are!

  1. I am confident and capable.

  2. I am worthy of this opportunity.

  3. I trust in my abilities and my preparation.

  4. I am calm and focused.

  5. I am worthy of success.

  6. I am grateful for this opportunity.

  7. I am well-prepared and ready to shine.

  8. I am talented and capable of delivering an amazing performance.

  9. I am at my best when I am in the moment.

  10. I am deserving of success and recognition.

  11. I am strong and resilient.

  12. I am a skilled and talented performer.

  13. I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way.

  14. I am worthy of the role I am auditioning for.

  15. I am focused and determined to succeed.

  16. I am excited for this opportunity and ready to give it my all.

  17. I am in control of my mindset and my performance.

  18. I am grateful for my talents and abilities.

  19. I am unstoppable.

  20. I am committed to doing my best today.

Love these affirmations?

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By Sophia Mackay

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